Another SS Moka Pot finds a good home

Discussion in 'The Cafe'' started by Mick, Mar 21, 2019.

    SWMBO surprised me today with another stainless Moka Pot. This one makes 4 that are down here at Casa Mick Süd.

    She was just telling me last week "no more coffee junk". I guess that's an order just for me to obey.

    Works like a little champ.

  1. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Moderator

    Very nice Mick, I like the style without the spout.
  2. Champion of Capua

    Champion of Capua Contributor

    Very nice! Can’t have too many moka pots
  3. mrlandpirate

    mrlandpirate Contributor

    I just got a aluminum moka pot with some scale in it, any tips on how too clean it up?
    sorry about the hijack
  4. Soap and hot water using a stiff bristle brush. Then acid and brush. Start with mild like citric acid.

    What ever you use keep in mind food safety, so no metal polish or mag wheel cleaners.
  5. mrlandpirate

    mrlandpirate Contributor

    Thanks Mick
  6. Looking good! I just got my first Moka Pot a couple weeks ago - 3 cup Bialetti Moka Cafe. Easy to use and makes a great cup.
  7. Run a solution of half water and half white vinegar through it a few times.

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