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Another satisfied customer!

You guys have heard this a thousand times, but after much lurking and researching, I ordered my gear (Edwin Jagger DE89, Proraso Green, Proraso AS and a GBS synthetic brush) and, after 42 years of scraping the skin off my face, I had my first wet shave tonight. It went swimmingly. Two passes (WTG, XTG), no blood, and I'm a happy man. My wife does not understand what all the fuss is about, but I am beside myself. Thank you all for the excellent advice and unknowing encouragement. The addiction begins.
Welcome to the group BishopShady! Congrats on a first successful shave as well. I do believe that you are off to a very good start.

I have the same DE razor as you and absolutely love it. I've only been wet shaving since February of 2014 and can't imagine going back to electrics. My morning shave is the best part of my day! I started shaving with a DE razor at 55 years old. I don't know why I waited so long to make the change. Now I look to add more shaving items over time. It will be fun!
Welcome to B&B. Glad that you are with us. We are always excited to hear newbies get excited about wet shaving. :thumbup:

Welcome to B&B!!!

Although we might hear this story thousands of times, it never gets old. Glad to have you on board with us. As far as the wife goes? Once she sees how much fun you're having, you can convert her too :)
Hello and welcome to B&B. This is a great forum full of friendly, helpful shavers. You'll learn a lot here