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Another Recommendation Thread

Hello Gents,

I've been looking through a lot of the Fragrance threads to get some input on some good cold weather fragrances. I don't mind spending a good chunk of change on a nice scent, but Creed $400+ is a bit scary unless I have a sample to evaluate for a week or so to know I'll absolutely love it. The online sites that provide samples seem to have the more common/popular scents, but I'm more interest in the niche fragrances, many of which were suggested in other threads here. Also, if I can find some scents around the $100 range and can pick up a couple as opposed to just one for $400, that seems like more of a win for me.

I stopped at a Nieman Marcus yesterday to see if I can locate some of the scents I wrote down that were frequently mentioned here. Creed Bois Du Portugal, Vetiver, Viking and GIT were a few I tested from their scent cards. For cold weather scents, BdP and Vetiver were pleasing enough, and seem as though they have some staying power. I also received a sample of Tom Ford's Oud Wood. That one was OK but, surprisingly, even after spraying it me 30 minutes ago it's very hard to detect. They directed me to Tiziana Terenzi Gold Rose Oudh (~$100.00) and Initio Oud for Greatness (~$375.00). Both of these were also very good, and has the benefit that the wife could probably wear, too.

As far as scents I've owned and enjoyed in the past:
Terre de Hermes, Polo Green, Eau Des Baux, Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, Maison Margiela By the Fireplace, Joop! (many years ago) and some random Jo Malone's. Out of these, TdH and Eau Des Baux were probably ones I enjoyed the most. If they aren't crazy expensive I don't mind blind buying and rolling the dice. Whether it's a fault or not I can say, but there are few scents that repulse me, which makes narrowing decisions down that much difficult. I could have easily walked out of Nieman Marcus and probably enjoyed anything they would have put in front of me.

Would the recommendation be to just look for samples across various fragrance houses, try my hand at dupes or maybe stick with a specific fragrance house? If going the sample route, is there a site that has the widest range of samples that you know to be legit? As a side note on dupes, I've tried a few sample from Stirling and a bottle Fine Platinum (Creed Aventus dupe), but didn't find them to have much staying power. TIA!
I like mercari. A lot of times you can find bottles used for a fraction of the price. I personally find it hard to go through a bottle of cologne so I don't mind that it's used and coast less. They also have unused as well.
If you like Eau Des Baux (one of my favorites) you might like Spicebomb.

Agree, and would also add Trumper's Havana and Bvlgari's Man In Black if you like that sort of thing. All three are excellent IMO and which one is preferable is just a matter of individual taste.

I think Bois du Portugal is a great choice if you're really keen on it because it's appropriate in any season except Summer if you just vary the spraying. I would definitely consider Chanel as a house for colder weather options when it comes to affordable classics which will provide you with scents that are also more seasonally versatile. Try Antaeus, Chanel Pour Monsieur EDP, Egoiste and Platinum Egoiste, even Pour Monsieur EDT for more intimate indoor occasions in Autumn/Winter. :)

Would also thoroughly recommend Armani Eau Pour Homme as a citrus that can be worn not only in Winter, but most of the year. Great quality for the price!
Thank you all for the suggestions. Was at the mall last night and stopped at a few places. I'll be looking for samples for the above options online to help narrow things down.
Dior Sauvage Elixir. old school vibes, dark and complex. Hard to define but you can sample almost anywhere.

V&R Spicebomb Extreme for sweet spicy (vanilla, lavender, spices)

Gentlemen Givenchy Boisee Eau de Parfum. Woody, maybe a hint of chocolate. Iris.
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