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Another public thank you to a gentleman

I'll keep this short and sweet. Or at least I'll try. :001_rolle

A week or two ago, I was lamenting the lack of real BBQ here in Central Washington State. Econjoe, another member here, took it upon himself to ease my suffering.

Today, a package arrived with . . .


I wanted to publicly thank him for what I consider highly unusual generosity. Econjoe - my sincere thanks to you, a true gentleman. My very best wishes to you and yours.

On a related note, am I the only person here who has difficulty accepting gifts moreso than giving them? I've talked about this with a friend, who pointed out that it is important to graciously receive as well as to give. Food for thought. Literally!

My next task is to figure out how to use this stuff, especially with an oven and a stove (my grill isn't even hooked up yet. A Traeger wood pellet grill, someday, when my home situation allows!). My understanding is that you take the meat, salt it with a touch of real liquid smoke (and possibly some mop sauce, which I don't really know what that includes), cook it long and slow with water in the pan (foil covered), and when the meat is tender you take it out and then add the BBQ sauce. As a child, I used to coat chicken in BBQ sauce and grill it, and I always wondered why 90+% of the chicken was covered in black, charred sauce (I didn't realize at the time that sugar burns).

A wonderful day to everyone!


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What a nice thing for Joe to do! :thumbup1:

I hope you enjoy your BBQ!
I'm going to be passing through Birmingham, AL in a little over a week and am hoping to make a stop at Big Bob Gibson's on Joe's recommendation!
That he has given you a gift of sauce is great.

But that he has made you think and consider how to use it in way to really enjoy your BBQ is fantastic. :thumbup:
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