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Another PIF for NEWBIES - A couple of vintage razors, a brush, some soaps and blades

I am clearing out some shaving stuff I don't use or don't have room to display on my small shaving shelf.
I would like this to go to someone who is relatively new to this and / or has only been with B&B a short time. You qualify if you joined this year - January 1, 2015 to present and have 100 posts or less. Open to US and Canada, since I am not sure the cost to ship over seas...
Just say your in, and let us know what your current set up is.
Here are the goodies so far (I may feel inclined to add a couple of things depending on what else I have in the back of my cupboard...)
Will probably end this in a week or so.
1 x Omega 10098 Boar Shaving Brush (great boar brush, but is a little big for my liking)
1 x Made in Canada Gillette Tech (nice user grade, mild shaver)
1 x Black Handled Gillette Super Adjustable (Excellent user grade adjustable razor. Nice long handle.)
1 x Tub Proraso Green 90% left
1 x Stick Polmolive 90% left
35 blades:
10 x Astra Superior Platnum
10 x Astra Superior Stainless
5 x Derby Extra
2 each Rapira, Voskhod, Lord, Personna Platnum, Gillette 7 O'Clock blades.

$Newb pif.JPG
Good Luck,
I'm in! Just started last Saturday actually... Got a Parker 96R and a 10 sampler pack of blades (enjoying the Lord Platinums so far). Didn't get a brush though as I figured I could just hand larger and really regretting that now lol

Really digging B&B so far. Have learned a ton just reading and REALLY starting to finally enjoy shaving.... I mean, I do it everyday so why not make it pleasant? Just wish I'd done this sooner! Thanks for the PIF! Super nice of you!
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Not in because I'm probably a beginner-intermediate.

Great PIF and a great set-up for not only a beginner but anyone! I'd be happy shaving the rest of my life with just these products and razors. Thanks for your generosity and good luck to everyone who enters!
I'm in. I think this is my 100th post! Thanks for the opportunity.

Current setup:
Muhle R106
Sampler pack of blades
Soaps: AOS sandalwood, WSP mahogany, Taconic lime and eucalyptus, Proraso white, Cella, Arko, PAA the beach, Tabac
Creams: TOBS avocado, Dettol cool, Old Spice lime, Palmolive
Brush: AOS Pure Badger

No complaints so far except for the brush, which has begun shedding so much that I contacted AOS.
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Im in just started using a de razor on monday only 3 shaves in but really like it so far. As far as current set up I have a weishi tto razor still using the chinese razors it came with and just bought a vdh soap and waiting for my omega boar brush to come in just ordered it today actually
I'm in! Started about 2 months ago, and nearing my 100th post here (I'll probably be over 100 posts before the PIF is over with).

I have a Muhle r89 that I picked up at Art of Shaving, along with their products; I've also picked up several tubes of Bigelow/Proraso, Col Conk, and today got my sampler pack of TOBS soaps from Maggard.

In this short time, I've managed to convert my wife over to DE shaving, buying her a Ladies kit from Maggard, which included the aforementioned 10098 brush and a MRP razor for her. 😁
I'm in! Current setup:
Gillette new open comb
Voskhod blade
L'Occitane Plisson synthetic brush
Proraso green pre-shave
Cella crema da barba
Issey Miyake L'eau d'Issey after shave balm
I'm in. Awesome PIF. I started using a DE about two weeks ago. I have a micro touch and an old super speed that I'm using right now.
In this short time, I've managed to convert my wife over to DE shaving, buying her a Ladies kit from Maggard, which included the aforementioned 10098 brush and a MRP razor for her. 
Nice! Many on the B&B have tried to convert their wives and have failed! Congrats! Good Luck!
I'm in. 17 days of DE shaving so far.

Micro Touch One TTO
Red Israeli Personal blades
VDH brush
Dr Carver's Easy Shave Butter (preshave)
Long Rifle Bay Rhum soap
Proraso Red cream (for superlather)
L'Oreal for Men ASB
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I'm in,been at it for 7 months,currently using a EJ 89 with Astra blades and Soap Commander products,learning more and more with each shave and all the good info on B&B.Nice PIF,I see a few things on my to "buy"list,boar hair brush and a nice adjustable razor to name a few.Very generous of you,thanks for the opportunity!!!!!
I'm in! I'm 4 shaves in, after about 10 days. I have an Omega boar brush, RazoRock Mission w/ Astra SP, Proraso Red, and Pinaud Clubman. Definitely would like to try the green, my wife told me after 3 shaves that she doesn't like the scent of the red. My razor came with the Astra SP's and 2 other samples, but (with the exception of the SPs), none of the ones you've posted, so I'd be eager to try out some other blades. Thanks for your generosity, good luck to everyone!
Not in - Have and love all that stuff. Yep that monster brush will be an experience for some future or present boar lover... Great starter kit for sure
I'm in. Hope you don't mind with the proraso i would re pif as i already have some, or you could keep for future pif, if that's OK with you.

Current setup:
Merkur 34c
Gillette silver blue
A few Stirling and maggards samples
Omega s brush
Aqua velva and/or pinaud clubman As
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