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Another One Bites the Dust!

About a month ago after a chess playing session with the crew, somehow the conversation turned to shaving( hmmmmmmm :sneaky2: ) and I had an audience of rapt listeners.

So on Wednesday, I took ziploc container holding an unused puck( much larger, actually) of SCS Cool Lime and a deskunked boar brush.

My chessplaying friends marvelled over the softness of the brush( what do they know :wink: ) and fell in love with the smell of the soap (tyx Saint Sue). I gave said contents to one of them who was willing to break out of his rut.

On Thursday afternoon he called me raving about his shave and thanking me profusely. he commented on how smooth his skin was and on how enjoyable his shave was. in fact, he said that it did not feel like a chore, but something to be enjoyed.

After thanking me some more, he then started to ask about where he could purchase more soaps, the difference between creams and soaps, type of razor I use, how many passes, and the against the grain pass. (Even in the uninitiated, resistance is futile!) :biggrin: He even asked about what he should do with the left over lather and how to dry the brush!

I directed him to Target to start his journey( good old Proraso) and will soon be directing:)wink: ) him towards a DE- however, I do not think it will take much prompting on my part.

Phog Allen said:
Way to go Marty. BTW, great Thundarr signature.

Regards, Todd

That's it!!! I could not remember his name. Great sig BTW, it's been driving me crazy since I first saw it.
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