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Girls call me Makaluod
I am a little surprised that your newly honed edge on the Ralf Aust "didn't last long". That could indicate that your stropping technique is wrong and/or that you are shaving at a too higher angle. Anyway, the damage has been done now.

What I would now do with your RA is go back to say 5μm film with 20 laps, followed by the same on 3μm and 1μm. Then put it through a full pasted balsa strop progression before shaving. This first shave should be done without stropping on leather.

Afe tr the first shave, maintain the edge on 0.1μm hanging balsa. Next shave strop on clean leather beforehand and see what the difference is. If the edge is not the same or better, it is your stropping. Work on improving your stropping.

As a relative n00bie, the strop should be help reasonably taut and strop with just the weight of the razor as pressure. There should be little noticeable deflection in the strop while stropping.

From then on, put the edge through a full pasted balsa strop progression after each shave until you notice no further improvement in the shave quality. Then all you need do is maintain the edge on 0.1μm hanging after each shave and strop on clean leather before each shave.
Yeah I find a great edge only lasts me 6-7 shaves before needing a refresh. I have a stainless Friodur which holds an edge for 50+ shaves but my carbon steel razors need regular touch ups.
The back of a leather strop pasted with chromium oxide would refresh your edge nicely, it only needs about 10 laps but I’d recommend buying films or a little stone to practice on.
It takes a little while to get it right but stay at it. Shave, hone, shave hone, it’s fun.
Welsh slate is cheap and gives a very good edge, and films are even cheaper and give a great edge too.
On fine finishing stones or films I use very little pressure indeed. The lighter the finer.
Same when stropping on leather, just very light easy strokes. Being able to refresh and maintain your own razor is a beautiful thing, it puts you in touch with your inner caveman.
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