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Another Newb saying hi

I was thinking of getting the open comb next, just to try it. How different does it feel to you with that on? Do you use the same blades with it?
it feels a little different - but in a good way. I’m currently keeping the “blade variable” constant - and using Astra SP across several razor and soap variations. The shave is every bit as comfortable as the close comb, and the teeth aren’t sharp in any way. While I might be a touch more careful, I can still make some strokes that I wouldn’t dare attempt with my slant. At the end I think I’m getting a closer shave without sacrificing comfort, and minimal extra attention.
Welcome to the forum. I too started with a 34C. I started wet shaving years ago and then stopped for a few years. That 34C sliced my face the first day I tried, Lol!! I tried it on my own without any advice from anyone. Now we have B&B which is a great community. Started again last year and have progressed in my shaving and have also amassed a mini collection of equipment.
And I'm never going back!
It's become a passion and has made a necessary activity enjoyable!
Anyways, once again welcome!
Welcome to B&B.
Like a lot of people, I researched before I jumped in and started with a Merkur 34C, mild-mannered Derby blades, and TOBS Sandalwood shaving cream.
Nice combination to start. Try a few different blades though till you find some favourites for bulk purchase.
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