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Another new guy checking in

Hello Gents,
I've been lurking for awhile and finally signed up. I started wet shaving with a safety razor a little over a year ago when I got tired of spending so much on uncomfortable shaves. I googled how to save money on shaving and discovered this awesome hobby. One year, 9 razors, 7 brushes, 24 soaps, and about 600 blades later I don't care about the financial aspect anymore. I used to dread every shave but now look forward to my daily ritual. I look forward to sharing my experiences with all you fine gentlemen in the wet shave community.
-Rob from Cleveland, Ohio


Cheaper than ink
Kind of a common theme around here, Rob, turning a chore into a pleasant moment for oneself. Welcome to B&B!


"Self appointed king of Arkoland"
Welcome Rob! Don't listen to Farmer Tan. It's not "losing money," it's "getting great razors."

But we can help you out with that, for sure.

I stand korreckted. Or sit that way. I'm retired. I don't do much BUT sit...
One year, 9 razors, 7 brushes, 24 soaps, and about 600 blades later

And what do you get, more in debt, the older you get. HEHE :lol1: Trust me, its something that we can all relate to. It sounds like you've already had an experience before coming here, I am sure you can teach many with your knowledge gathered from said experience. Welcome to Badger & Blade! :)

Welcome friend!

Now that you have joined us, you ARE REALLY going to lose money!

I could not agree more with this statement! I've already spent money after my registration, only like a week ago lol.
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