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Another n00b checking in...

Hello all...

Figured I'd post a brief introduction here... I've been enjoying straight razor shaving for the past two (almost) months. I've found Torrey razors and my face get along quite well... I wandered over here as a result of a google search on "straight razors" after a month or so on the "other" straight razor forum. (No disrespect meant to that straight razor forum... been a wonderful experience, just looking to expand my horizons)
At this point I prefer vintage blades, Tabac or SRD Opus X soaps and my Rup or SRD Premium IV long strop. A Thater (insert Umlaut as necessary...) badger brush and vintage mug round my herd out... currently 9 or so straight razors, 2 strops, 2 brushes (1 worth using), 1 mug, many soaps, many aftershaves and 1 very talented toddler who is using my cast off synthetic brush as a tub toy, she lathers herself just like dad currently and "shaves" with an outstretched finger.

I've never shaved with a DE/Safety razor... I may give that a whirl at some point, but to be honest... straight razor shaving has been so pleasurable, I'm not certain if I'll bother to expand into another set of kit and skillset.

I came into straight razors as an indirect result of shooting various firearms... many photos of good firearms included photos of good wristwatches.... I got into automatic wristwatches.... many good wristwatch photos include good fountain pens as props... my interest in fountain pen has been piqued. Several fountain pen photos of the vintage stuff include straight razors as "stands" for the pens which I've grown to love.... so my route into straight razors was a bit extended... but I'm here and I'm loving every shave.

Gillitte and PG shall suffer a loss of revenue as I have retired my Fusion and Mach3 handles... if all goes as planned I'll never toss another blade in the trash.

So, Hello all... Nice to finally make your acquaintance.
Welcome to B&B! I'm not into firearms, but I too enjoy vintage pens and watches, and got into wet shaving partly because of those hobbies. There is something to be said for items that are (or more frequently, were) made to endure.
Great to have you here, it's a good thing you have most of the common AD's topped out already prior to joining the clan!
Welcome to B&B. :biggrin1:
Welcome to the good ship B&B. Take a stroll on the promenade deck and enjoy the voyage. :thumbup1:

Always remember, relax but be vigilant when you shave!
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