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Another month and another PIF

well gents. As mentioned in another thread, I was the recipient of LASS's generosity. I have a damaged tin of Fougere that I'd like to PIF. Since the tin ended up being free (he replaced it with a full tub at no charge) I don't feel right selling it. But I need the room :). So I will PIF this 5" tin. The soap itself is fine (and unused!); it's just the tin got pretty smashed and won't close all the way. So if any of you have an extra tub to stuff this into, it will work out great.

So this is an easy PIF. First person to post the name of my favorite sports player of all time gets it. One guess per user name please.

I'll ship CONUS. Anything else and you pay for it. I'll even drop in an extra random mystery sample from my pile of stuff.

Let the guessing being!
Great PIF! I'm In!

Seeing as you are in WA state, I'm going to go with Payton Manning on account of him gifting you the Super Bowl.
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