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Another Mike's thread

I've been in the process of trying to find the best soaps for me. So far my top contenders are DR Harris, AoS Tallow, and MdC. All three give me wonderfully slick, protective lather with almost zero fuss.

I've been ordering samples like whoa, trying to find one or two more soaps to fill out a rotation and my samples of Mike's came in the other day. I had already shaved, so I did the only logical thing and did a quick test face lather. It went... poorly. The soap dried out and there was almost no real lather to speak of. I added water for a while, no change. Kinda bummed, I gave up.

This morning I was running a bit a head of schedule and decided to give it another go. I started with a very wet brush and loaded until water stopped falling into the sink (I was loading sideways). I wet my face, and face lathered again.

The lather was amazing. Slick, hydrated and plenty of it. This IS a thirsty soap. But it's well worth it. I assume by the time I'm done with the sample I'll have the lathering down even more.

I was tempted to say the soap was finicky, but I don't think I can call a soap that I had a great shave with on the second try finicky. It's defiantly a solid soap, up there with quality tallows. It's found a spot in my rotation for sure.
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