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Another lurker checking in

I'm about a month into the DE adventure and I am "one for two" in successes.

1) As a face shaver I am loving it. Have moved from strictly WTG, to WGT/XTG and am getting great shaves and am enjoying the art of it all.

My set up for face is Proraso Green/Omega Boar brush/VDH TTO SS-knock off razor, and I finish with Thayers and a Nivea sensitive balm. For my face I have just ordered a blade trial multi-pack and will play around with blades in a week or two. Loving the new face!

2) As a new head shaver also, I am struggling. Lots of red bumps and general irritation. To the above I have added Bump Patrol, and a medicated moisturizer to try to lessen the damage. I have tried everything on the head process... Long showers, ultra light touch, only WTG, Different soaps, pre-cream, pre-oil, cold water splash, etc. After starting every third day, i switched to every other based on a suggestion that the longer hair may have contributed. I am about to switch to a wet/dry electric for a week or so and start again once the fire is out.

I plan to stick with my face routine for a while with little change. To work on technique before I change anything other than blades.

I appreciate all of advice from scanning through all of the old threads. Every question I have someone has asked at some point!
Hello and welcome. Great to have you here on B&B. Wander on over to the Hall of Fame and introduce yourself more fully.
Welcome to B&B! Glad you're finding the info you need. If there's anything you can't find please don't hesitate to ask. :001_smile
Welcome to B&B.

I have been head shaving for about six months now. When I started I had a hard time with keeping the correct angle and at times I used too much pressure - with predictable results. Some folks have reverted to a cartridge. However, I found I got the best results when I use a Schick injector razor.

The Wiki has an excellent discussion on head shaving.
Thanks for all the welcoming messages.

To hcoop - I don't have a history of dry scalp or flakes - I am actually surprised that I am having the sensitivity issues as my face has no such problem. Absolutely no issues there.

Checked out the wiki - great info. I will let it heal and keep tweaking my approach.
ive seen that head blade in a shaving shop its small and yellow looks cool i was actually going to buy one to test out
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