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Another Introduction

Hello All,

Ive just joined the forum. Been wetshaving just over a month now, for the first time in decades a shave is something I now enjoy. Currently I am using various DEs - Merkurs and a few old Gilette 1-9s with the usual Merkur, Derby, Feather and Israeli blades. Still in the learning stage but safe to say, I wont be going back to cartridges. Its been great to discover the wealth of information at the various forums and I look forward to learning more.


Hi Dave. Welcome to B&B. It sounds like you are off to a good start. This forum is full of gents willing to lend a hand with any questions you may have.
Welcome aboard Dave!

I see from your Hall of Fame Entry that you're from Mendocino County. I could go on for pages about Mendocino, but sufficed to say, I could sure go for an Old Rasputin right now. :thumbup1:

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