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Another Help ID this Please

Just picked up 4 razors. Trying to ID this one, think it is an old style. It came apart as I tried to take of the head. Will need advice on putting it back together. But first, what is it? I think it is some kind of Old Style. The teeth don't look very fat.
Also, what do you think it is made of and how should I clean it::Boil, scrubbing bubbles, polish??

He says answering himself, does he.
I cleaned it up with water, generic scrub bubbles, toothpaste and toothbrush.
Once cleaned it screwed/unscrewed easier so that it did not disassemble itself when head removed/attached.
I suspect this some type of old style. Not sure how to date it yet.
Help would be appreciated he says to himself.
Here is the halfway cleaned picture.

Eric, it does look like and Old style from the 1920's. Others will chime in soon, I'm sure, with more info identifying it more specifically, probably with pics or links to pics. You can look up pics here in the WIKI for razor identification.

You did a great job in cleaning up the razor. It really looks nice. Also, the handle coming apart in three pieces like yours did is pretty common. Some might suggest you use a little adhesive to keep them from coming apart, but I haven't done that with mine. It shaves the same once you put it together.

Enjoy your great looking Old style. It's a great razor! :cool::cool:
Nice ball handled Old Type. Does the handle have any cracks in it? The head normally should not come loose like that, nor should the ball end.
I could not find any cracks in the tube part of the handle. The threads were very gummy and that may be why the handle fell apart.
It seems to be holding together ok now that it is cleaned.
Don't think I will clean it any more. I like the character it has now and don't want to screw up the surface.
Have yet to shave with it.
So then it is a 20's ball end Old Type.
Nice surprise that came with two superspeeds and a frankentech for a ten spot on ebay.
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