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Another Gillette Dating thing

So, I inherited a Gillette DE razor today. How do I know if the dating code relates to the 1930's or 60's (it's dating code is H4) It's an adjustable Gillette TTO (SS I think) Other than being gunky from use it is in pretty good condition, it doesn't close all the way without a razor in it, but it closes all the way and holds on tight with the razor in there. The crazy thing about this razor is that it's my great-grandma's! She used it on her mustache! Also, what other solutions could I use to clean it? I know that scrubbing bubbles seems to be a favorite.

Oh, my grandma claims that it came from the 1930's (it would be 1937 according to http://www.geocities.com/safetyrazors/gil_ser2.htm that site.) Did they even have adjustable razors back then?

Thanks in advance for answering another redundant question.
The adjustable you speak of is not a superspeed. It's either a fat boy, slim, toggle, or 195. Judging by the date code (H4) and the fact you said adjustable I'd say it's a Fat boy adjustable built in 1962.
Aaron is right, you have a razor from the 4th quarter of 1962. The 1937 models did not have codes for the quarter they were produced (the "4" in H4). I have seen some people describe a razor as adjustable just because it has a TTO head. If it has the numbered adjustment knob then it is adjustable if there isn't a knob then it is probably a Superspeed but a picture would help as other razors were also produced during this time. There were also various adjustables made.
According to the Gillette Razor page he linked and I use all the time the lady and slim version of the adjustable were not produced until 1963.

But if the OP would post a picture it'd take the mystery out of it completely.
Sorry, no digital camera. My gf has one but we can't find the cord for the computer :mad2:

It IS an adjustable with numbers whole shibang. It's not bigger (well.. fatter) than my 1955 SS, therefor I think it's a slim.

Judging by the condition it's in, I'd say it's the 1962. I don't think it's a fatboy, toggle, 195 (the dial is below the shaving head not the TTO mechanism.) According to Aaron this makes it a slim, but according to him slims weren't made in 1962.

So, It looks very similar to my 1955 Super speed. The handle is longer, not flared, and there are thick lines going horizontally on my SS but not the other.

During my research I stumbled upon this: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?t=12968

And that is it exactly.

So that clears it up. Sorry....

Anyway... about the cleaning question... anyone got suggestions?
:em2100: Soap Scum cleaner works fine for me. I use 'Mean Green' from the $ General. That and a toothbrush work fine for nickeled or brass razors. I also use it on Lacquered gold, but carefully, and it only sits for seconds. You have to watch the stuff. I soaked some Rolls blades and the phone rang. I got back later and they had oxidised to a deep grey. Some cleaned off but I am heading towards blueing the blades. Can't do them any more harm.

If the razor is silver, my wife has some silver cleaner which works nicely, but still needs a final polish with Brasso or Simichrome. After cleaning a soak in Barbicide or its generic is recommended. Every shaving area should have a jar of Barbicide or the like on it. Looks good and hopefully works.

That is about it for cleaning unless you knew it came from an aids clinic. In that case you call in the big guns, beyond the scope of this message,:20:
It's just dirty from use. It's not like it was rolled around in the mud. There's no rusting and no visible signs of wear. It's just dirty. Like I said it was my great-grandma's so I doubt it got much use more than once or twice a month, but it has been sitting in a cupboard for probably ten years or more. It is a silver colored razor, but I think the metal is nickel. I'm sorry if these questions are kinda, well, redundant or ... nagging for the lack of a better word, but I really appreciate it.
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