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Another couple Apollo DE razors


Here are 2 unique Apollo razors, one in its original shipper box, the other in an unusual metal storage box. The box is like the one used for the Rotbart -- who got the idea from whom? -- and looks to be totally mint. The razors are both in excellent condition.

The Apollo really is one of the most well-made and classy of the vintage DE razors. And when the chrome head maintains its plating, it is eminently collectible.

Close up images of the metal case. A very fine way to store & display this model Apollo razor. I'll report on it's shaving quality in a week or so.
Thank you for taking your time and posting this for us razor fans. You are our only hope of ever seeing these vintage shave treasures. I will update the Apollo shave wiki with your newest additions, and keep us posted next week on the shave results.
I just added your razors to the shave wiki Apollo thread. http://wiki.badgerandblade.com/Apollo

Photo Gallery
razor picture
Apollo Mikron with instruction sheet
adjuster tipadjuster tip
Apollo in Gold and Nickel
Apollo slant razor
Apollo slant and case
Apollo DE
Apollo traveler sets
bakelite black handle Apollo
Bake lite 3 piece set
Apollo Drail/Bake lite set
Apollo-traveler set
Apollo traveler slant
Apollo bake lite Drail set and similar steel Drail set
Apollo 1950 era set and case
Apollo adjustable
Black Bake lite handle
Apollo #112 and #10 [from Jakes collection]


Cheaper than ink
Moderator Emeritus
Thanks for the pics, Jake.

And yes, the chrome on the cap tops seems a bit fragile, finding primo ones is tough.


I know it contributes to the addiction of acquiring more razors, but razors are functional art pieces and it is enjoyable to get them and share them with our fellow brothers of the blades.
These two beautiful razors of which Jake showed us the photos are two razors Apollo on the left we have the No. 112 Gerade from the cost of 1.75 Reichsmark (about € 9.22 today) on the right we have a No. 16 Gerade in his cream colored package. In response to Jake's question on tin boxes, the lithographed metal boxes are from the early twentieth century. These boxes were not intended for destruction but in addition to the purpose of the good preservation of the razor contained served to its publicity. Thanks Jake of your sharing. Benedetto.

fonte: book "Rasoi e Lame - barbe e baffi " Franco Lorenzi ed. Silvana.
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