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Another brush?


Thinking about revisiting a brush that proved just a bit too dense in the past (Simpson's Classic 2 in best).

I face lather hard soaps and prefer smaller brushes. Seems that I have become a Simpson's fanboy, especially for their best grade. (I still have an old no-name blond boar that gets some use.)

Current rotation: Duke 2 (#1 in the den), 56 and 57, all in best.

Previously l found a Chubby 2 to be too too big and too dense. I also pifed a Classic 2 in best as I found it just a bit too dense and scratchy. Given the variation in Simpson's badger, I am thinking about trying another Classic 2.

Should I give the Classic another try? Should I consider another brush? (Is my SBAD getting out of control?)
I have a Simpsons Colonel X2L in best. I use it for face-lathering, and I generally use hard soaps. Very nice brush: enough backbone to work the hard soap and to work the lather into the beard, with good Simpsons best badger softness. Affordable, too (US$64 at WCS). I'd recommend you take a look at this.

NOTE: this is my second Colonel...the first one was a shedder. It was replaced by WCS, and (so far) the new one is not shedding.


If you can find a used Rover (the new release from a few years ago), get it it is the softest Best knot from Simpson; I have 5 Simpson Best brushes, and it is the softest of the lot, maybe softer than either of my Supers
Try a Classic 1. Have Chubby 1 and 2 brushes, they are dense for sure. Love my Classic 1, great flow and can hold three pass face lather easily. Chubby 1 in Super is my favourite Simpsons brush, a little more pricey than the CL1.


Thanks for the great suggestions! Things are very clear now. (Get four new brushes!) :lol: