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Anodizing Razors?

I was thinking about this earlier. Anyone familiar with anodizing see any drawbacks to experimenting with a few razors? It would be kind of neat to have a neon green Merkur, heh.
ya know.......Neon green would be cool.....but I'd have to go for blue. While thinking about that how about a powder coat?
Hrm yea...not sure about the whole aluminum thing. I guess powder coating it could be another option. Just a thought!
You wouldn't want to anodize because the surface is porous...small pores, but still pores. I don't think it would make for a very slick surface. Of course, you could always try a hard anodize with a Teflon seal.
Yea, I guess I was doing some reading and it seems that you can only anodize aluminum. Teflon coated razor though? Talk about a smooth shave. I could cook some bacon and eggs on it afterwards.
Well, it's not Teflon smooth. It's still anodize, but it's more lubricious than just plan anodize. There are some other metals that can be anodized, but not ones that are used to make razors.
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