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Annoying Gillette Website about Sensor

If you search on Google for Gillette Sensor, one of the first listings is Gillette's own site. Makes sense, except that when you load that page, it vanishes giving you the standard home page telling you how marvelous Fusion products are.

Really they have a good little history of the advances that Sensor and Sensor Excel made but they don't want you to read it, let alone buy those old=fashioned products. Super frustrating.
I learned on the Sensor Excel. I loved this two blade razor, but going back about 10 years I could no longer find these razors, so naturally I switched to the Mach 3 and whatever multi-blade razor I could get my hands on. Fast forward to last November. I was finally done with the razor burn on my neck and the ridiculously high prices. I started a Google search on how to clear up razor burn, I landed at B&B and haven't looked back. I still have respect for the Sensor Excel. This was a good product, and Gillette's share holders wanted more money, hence the mulit-blade razor; along with its more expensive price tag. I could go on forever, but I wont.
I came toB&B when costco stopped carrying Sensor blades in bulk and I actually started paying attention to the actual price at CVS for just one 10 pack.
Sensor has always been my favorite. Though since staying as expensive as Mach3 and so on, I tried using the Personna replacement blades and have always got an equal shave at about one fifth the price. same really with TracII. TracII (Gillette) blades are still (around here) a ten pack for 16.99$, versus Personna TwinII's for a ten pack at 3.49$. I don't have a bloody clue why they need to be priced so high when clearly there is a profit in selling even less than a quarter their prices?
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