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Announcing the Brotherhood Of Tallow Shave Soaps - BOTSS

Hello All,

Just coming aboard here. Tallow is my poison. Have tried many vegans, own one vegan, and I should be PIF soon as I do not use it. I even went as far as making my own soap with tallow. I have not tried a vegan that has the same feel.

Will be with tallow soaps for a long, long time...


Just tried chiseled face "ghost town" this morning, part of a wonderful soap sampler from member Babydials. I've posted my review, but I highly recommend this soap, a bit mild and florally for scent but wonderfully slick and thick lather.
Count me in brothers. I am a fan of Tallow soaps, it's rare that I like a vegan soap like Soap Commander but most of my favorites have one thing in common. Tallow.


it's been a while since I posted in here, but I thought I'd share something. I had received several Barrister & Mann samples, all of which failed to perform. Another user said he had the same experience using B&M samples, and to try a full tub. I was very skeptical. I waited until I was PIF'd a full tub of B&M Latha Sandalwood. The experience was like night and day. This stuff is incredible, easily one of the best soaps I've ever used.
I'm in. All my favorite soaps are tallow, haven't found any veggies soaps that compare so far. That includes LASS and MdC. Barrister and Mann and CRSW are my current favorites, I can't believe how good these soaps have gotten in the past couple years.
I'm in. Arko is one of my all-time faves. I actually keep a stick of it in a pill bottle on my desk. Every now and then I'll remove the cap and take a sniff, I just love the scent. Great slippery lather, great price; What more can one ask for?
I'm in with Angus skin. Stirling and Cella are on regular rotation. Gotta try some of the others as well.
In our classes I let the students try Cella, they're amazed a formula that old is still in production, lots of fun!