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Announcing a B&B Exclusive Group Buy - Provence Sante Green Tea Shave Soap!

Folks, I am pleased to announce a B&B exclusive group buy! This buy is for a unique, Green Tea scented formulation of Provence Sante' shea butter enriched shaving soap.

Badger and Blade has worked with Provence Sante to offer a unique scent - Green Tea - for their famously performing shaving soap. This is not a regular item in Provence Sante's product line and is an exclusive offer for registered members of Badger and Blade. This soap will only be available through two vendors for a limited time: West Coast Shaving and Shaving Essentials so read this posting thoroughly and get ready to order.

Here are the details and guidelines for this buy:
  • The ordering period for this group buy will be one week starting November 7.
  • The cost is $7 for a refill puck, exclusive of shipping. This is a 30% discount off the regular refill price of Provence Sante' soap. (Awesome!)
  • The discount must be applied by entering a coupon code at the supporting vendors' web site.
  • The two supporting vendors for this group buy are West Coast Shaving and Shaving Essentials.
  • Ordering and shipping will be done through Shaving Essentials and West Coast Shaving.
  • To place an order you must send me a PM and I'll reply with the coupon code. Go to the vendor's web site and place your order, adding the coupon code and you will be all set.
  • Please direct all questions about this buy to me via PM and not directly to the vendors. They will be too busy handling orders for you folks!
  • Please see this post for additional details about this buy - I'll be adding these to this main post as soon as I get a chance.
Since the Green Tea soap will be a unique offering for B&B members there are no existing product reviews I can direct you to. I have provided some reviews and discussion threads about the standard Verlain scented Provence Sante' soap for your reading pleasure. I would expect the performance to be similar.
Ordering for this special offer will end on Sunday November 15 at Midnight Eastern Standard Time!

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I am getting pretty excited myself. To psych myself up for the group buy I shaved with the standard scented Provence Sante soap all week. I love the stuff, great shaves. I'll rarely go more than three days with one soap before I swap it out with with something else in the cabinet. I hadn't used PC in a while and couldn't put it away.
Awesome!! This is one of the best products on the market right now that can easily match, in performance, the higher priced soaps like those from Penhaligons. But now with this special B&B offering of custom scent and lower price puts this ahead of the pack for sure. Thanks to all who are behind this great offer especially the vendors who i am sure have a herculean task of executing the orders. Two thumbs up gentleman!

Time to stock up, PM inbound.
Folks, I have a few more details about the buy that I'l be adding to the main post above as soon as I get a chance.

It turns out that Shaving Essentials and West Coast Shaving did all the heavy lifting for this buy. There was a lot of "negotiation" with Provence Sante.

These guys forked out a lot of cash up front to buy a fixed quantity of this soap. This means they took a bunch of risk that the soap will sell. This also means that there is NO WAITING PERIOD. The soap will ship out of the vendors' on-hand stock. (Awesome!)

The limited one week buying period is to get the 30% discount after which the remaining stock will be sold at full price. So if you miss out on the one week discount period there will still be an opportunity to pick up the soap at full price until supplies are exhausted.

Having been involved in buys that have a waiting period so the manufacturer can be given an exact quantity count I am pretty psyched to see a buy where the good ship out immediately.

A big thanks to West Coas Shaving and Shaving Essentials - You guys Rock!
+1. Big thank you to West Coast Shaving and Shaving Essentials. I always hoped this soap would be made. I really enjoy the PS green tea aftershave and cologne. I'm surprised this isn't a permanent PS soap fragrance.

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