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Announcement - Wet Shaving FAQ v1.1

Hello legions of wetshavers! I have put together a simple, text-based FAQ that may help answer some basic questions about wetshaving. It is a work in progress, so feel free to give me feedback. In coming months I hope to expand upon it, add pictures, etc. to make it even more useful.

As always, a FAQ can't replace active dialogue, so please post your questions in the forum, and our team of experts will be happy to help you out!
great looking stuff, maybe a brief prep section could help, making note of post/in shower shaving, hot towels and pre shave creams/oils that some use. Just a thought

Great job. Easy to read and to understand. You have a Small Nicks section. For the new straight razor shavers that may come along, will there be a "Major Gusher" section? :eek:


Very, nicely done! A valuable tool, I might add, for those who have been shaving for a while. It's always good to return to the basics every so often. I find that as I gain more experience, I better understand articles like this because I can so closely relate to them.
Excellent post! Easy to read, follow and understand.

You said you were looking for feedback - here were a couple of thoughts I had:

In section 2.1.5 you list why cartridge razors and canned foam or gel are a problem. You may want to include the fact that many shaving creams or soaps contain menthol which may react with more sensitive skin types and many also contain benzocaine that can close pores and stiffen the beard.

In section 3 under the heading "lathering up" you describe filling your bowl up with hot water. It probably seems like common sense, but for the beginner, you may want to include the fact that said bowl should also be emptied of most water before starting.

In section 6.2 dealing with ingrown hairs you could mention that there are products (like Tend Skin) that offer additional remedies.

Anyway, these were my initial thoughts.

Again, great work. Hope my comments help.

nice job-easy to find the info u need quick,fast , and in a hurry!

will pass it on to all newbies i know of or develop.

that's a good summarization of general information you can get from reading through the forums. anything else would be too specialized i think...
Great FAQ. Lot's of info, and easy to find.

Just a quick note regarding section 2.2.5 on the types of badger brushes.

You mention that Super Badger and Best Badger are the same. In another article over on classicshaving.com, they say that Super Badger is another name for Silvertip.


It was a pretty good article with a lot of information. I'm just curious which one is correct.

Hi, Jeff. Glad you liked the FAQ. Unfortunately, there is not an easy answer, and that is why I said up front that nomenclature is not standardized. Depending on the vendor, they will use different words to describe the grades. One has to pay careful attention so you get what you want. The better method is to define what you are looking for (soft/stiff/prickly, etc.) and then ask around which brush company and hair grade fits the bill.
Thanks Scotto,

I'm still learning a lot of this stuff. I've only been following the wet shaving ways of the world now for about a month.

slightly off topic of the faq, but more to my question...
I bought the Edwin Jagger Super Badger brush from C&E a while back.
They carried a best, and a super. If figured what the heck...
I also liked that it was larger. Any idea which grade of hair this is?
good, medium, great?

I have that brush - it is what I would call "Super". Very soft and floppy with a loose knot.

Terrific job here. I read this early on in my wet shaving "journey," and find myself returning to your FAQ whenever I have a question, am confused about something, am looking for more information, or simply for a "refresher."

Thanks for making my learning curve a lot less steep.

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