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Anniversary Shave

Exactly one year ago today I registered an account on B&B. At that time the world was several months into a pandemic, suffering isolation and shutdown, and there was only the hope that a vaccine would be available. After a couple of weeks of lurking as I had just taken up traditional shaving, I wanted to participate in the community. Through B&B I have listened and learned, I have given, I have received, bought and sold, laughed and mourned. The Henson razor was new a year ago, and I learned about it here. I discovered the splendor of Tabac and Pinaud Vegetal through these pages. In honor of my one year anniversary, I am using my original Omega 49 boar brush, Henson mild, Tabac, and my first blade, the Astra SP. Thank you B&B community for helping me enjoy a satisfying year of shaving.
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