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Anniversary PIF

:badger::badger::badger:February marks my first year at B&B, and what a great ride it's been. I've made new friends, tested scads of product, dialed in my razor and soap and blades, started a new business, and met Lanny the Shaving Sheep. Wow! Thanks everyone.:ouch1::ouch1::ouch1:

And so the PIF...:scooter:I am beginning my busy season, lots of travel, so a simple PIF.

I decided to try some inexpensive OC razors, and, duh, bought the same head, twice. I bought a Cadet SSH-02 and a Razorock Jaws.

I'm keeping one head, and PIFing the other head and both handles.

It is Superbowl weekend, so simply post in this thread, "Go Broncos," or "Go Hawks."

:popc:Next Sunday I will post the winner. CONUS and OUTUS.

Good luck!

I almost forgot.:a52:

Blades...too! :spidey:

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Go hawks, woot woot... gotta keep up the appearance that I know what I am talking about... thanks for the offer and congratulations on your one year mark.
Not in, but as I lived in Denver for the greater part of my adult life and raised my daughter there, "Go Bronco's"!!!!!!!
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