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Angle Shavette

I saw a post in a FB shaving group about an Angle Shavette. I tried looking for reviews on YouTube and here but didn't see anything. Does anyone have one of these things? What do you think? Would you prefer it over a Few things SS?
Oops, forgot to add a picture.

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Hey @mjclark -- what do you know here, please?
Thanks for the heads up - I wasn’t aware of the Angle Shavette until this thread.

But a bit of research shows you can buy it here:
Angle Razor shop

So it looks like it’s a very very stylish half-DE Blade shavette with a kami handle for £85.

A very nice piece of kit but I wouldn’t want to spend that much on what’s basically an improved Sanguine-Style shavette.
I spent £50 on the Focus Slim and £80 on the IBC but they both bring something new to the party.

The Angle looks like it’s just the same old half-DE mechanism but in a beautiful design.
If one shows up second hand for £35 I’d happily buy it.

And it will be very interesting to hear from those who use it...
They have been spamming me about it for the last few months. I can't work out if there is anything revolutionary about it except looks. Would the angled head be useful?

I can't think of angled kamisori style razors / shavettes. In fact I don't like the idea much south->North on the neck.

My worry is the smoothness of the handle. I have enough difficult with slippery AC SS razors...
Interesting razor I have not seen one before reading this thread.

My first thought about the angled head is that it might make it easier to shave WTG (north->south) in the area just above the jawline below the sideburn. Especially if you have big hands or fat fingers. My fingers are about average I think, but sometimes I drag them through lather when shaving that area at a shallow angle. Though the angle probably makes some other area of the face more tricky to shave, or makes it a little harder to switch back and forth when using other "straight" razors.
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