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And Now A Word From No One Special

Let me know how long that lasts. Although I think you said you have a reference blade from your mentor, so at least you kind of know what is possible.

I'm always trying to get my edges juuuuuust a little better. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not. Always a learning experience, though, and overall, they are improving. Sometimes the stars align and you hit one out of the park without quite knowing why.
@Darth Scandalous, it has lasted THIS long. Now I've changed. I find I'm trying to squeeze a tad more out of my already-established edges. Just recently, instead of taking a blade that was past the "strop and shave" phase to a full progression, I honed on water on my base stone, for about 1/2 hour. It gave me a back-to-shave-ready, great edge. That's the good news. Now that I know this (or discovered how to do it correctly), I'll be touching-up all my edges this way. I learned on water only, SOME pressure has to be applied. In the past I've been doing "on water only" last phases with 'weight of the blade' pressure only. When I discovered to take more time and apply more pressure (still less pressure than any Nagura progression) doors have been opened for me.
Congratulations to your progres @SparkyLB

I am in same path hopping I will make a razor shave ready using lapping films.

I will tell you a "secret" though. Using an Ac shavette with a Feather proguard blade or Kai Protouch, you will get an amazing shave.

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This is so seductive. No. I mean encouraging.

I've taken your advice to learn to SR shave first. In about 70 or so more shaves I'm going to learn to create my own bevel and refine it.

I'll be asking you tons of questions at that point.
Nah. Your first honing adventure should be refreshing your previously shave ready edge, with just a finishing stone or 1µ lapping film. That will remove the least possible amount of steel that will result in a good edge. Only set the bevel on a razor that needs it.
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