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And I thought I had seen everything

We needed to run out and pick up a couple things today. We rarely eat fast food, but decided to go through a Wendy’s drive through. The person in front of us had a chihuahua in her lap while driving (normal) . What happened next wasn’t and I have to say I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. They asked the person what she wanted and her reply: Nothing, my son who works here left his backpack in the store. Could you get it for me and hand it through the window? The girl said sure and passed it to her. I told my wife this takes helicopter parenting to a new level. My parents would have told me to figure it out myself and I would have said the same thing to my kids. I guess it’s just different now.
I could see that if you were across town, and your mother was in the neighborhood, having her pick up something you forgot wouldn't be much of an imposition.