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Ancient madder robes

A few months ago, during the height of the lockdown and around the time that I realized that a summer vacation to Spain was not a realistic idea, I stumbled on ancient madder robes. Ancient madder is a deep dyed heavy gauge silk material. The traditional patterns are paisley in muted shades of deep blue, green, orange and brown. A popular material for ties it is sometimes made up into garments. Kirby Allison offered a bespoke made gown imported from the UK where the silk is dyed. I went ahead and ordered one. With shipping and some delays total lead time was about 3 months.
The robe arrived about a week before Christmas. It is beautifully made, well matched pattern. deep green piping and 3 large pockets. A good fit for its purpose - lounging about reading, doing a puzzle or sipping a shot. The colors are very pleasant. The silk is processed in a way that givea smooth chalky “hand” that feels very good. It is not as if we need more things to collect but I would certainly rate this as a worthwhile acquisition.

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