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An upgrade from Merkur 42c

Hi all,

It is my first post on the forum and I'm happy to join such a nice community. Even though I have a lot to learn, I can't say that I'm a complete newbie: I converted six years ago by purchasing Merkur 42c and one of the cheapest Semogue boar brushes. I was happy with my shaving until recently when my wife gave me for my birthday Simpson T3 brush. Oh wow, what a step ahead it was, if only I knew what I was missing these years! So now I'm thinking that I can increase the quality of my shaves even more by upgrading the razor.

I shave every other day, I don't have too much of facial hair and it's not very thick and tough. I do, however, have sensitive skin. I typically do three passes shave. I was thinking that Henson (+/++ ?), Razorock 6s or Game Changer .68p could be good candidates for the upgrade. What are your thoughts? I'm located in Germany, if that matters for prices and products availability.

Cheers and thank you!
Welcome to the forum:)

The Merkur 42C is a fantastic razor so you already have winner there! The 6S does give you really useful options in terms of aggression though. Having said that my 42C gets far more use than my 6S.
You probably won't get an appreciably better shave with another razor; in fact it might not be as good for a while since you're well attuned to the Merkur. However, you might well get a shave that feels different, which you might like more or less than you do now.
I suspect the motivation for many on B&B is experimentation, rather than getting the perfect shave, but that's ok.


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I recommend someone’s “next” razor should be a system, like the RazoRock Game Changer or Lupo because there are multiple plates for each. You can find what works for you based on your changing needs.
The Greencult and the Tatara might work. They are located within the EU. I can't speak for the Greencult, but the Tatara Masamune is a mild and efficient razor. I also have the Aviation 94 by Design 94, which is also made close to you, but it may be a bit agressive.
I guess for many who bother reading this, it is true that we don't really need another razor, while we also enjoy variety and/or simply enjoy collecting shaving gear. Of those razors you mention I vote for the Rockwell 6s. It allows you to change plates (cheaper than for the Gamechanger) so it's "adjustable" in a sense, and it's stainless steel, which gives the razor a nice weight, so it would complement the razor you already have well.
I would avoid Henson. They are beautifully designed, but many people are annoyed by the way they "lock your angle" (myself included), much like a cartridge razor. I own two Hensons (mild +, and aggressive +++), but I cannot recommend them. But some people love them. So in short, they get more mixed reviews, you would be taking more of a chance buying a Henson, and they are expensive razors. Razorock or Rockwell would be a safer investment.
One different suggestion you could consider is the Merkur 37 slant. Slant razors typically have a smoothness to them which works well with sensitive skin, and the Merkur 37C is a very popular slant that receives excellent reviews. A slant would also be a little different from what you already have.
For an inexpensive slant razor, you do a lot worse than the PAA Filament... The shipping costs to Germany might be cost prohibitive unless there are suppliers within the EU. That, I don't know.
G&C in Spain carry Phoenix slants but are out of stock.
But you can get Merkur for not much more, readily available in Germany
Rockwell 6S/6C

Easy choice. If a person needs to blind buy a razor that will almost certainly work well for them, then this is always my recommendation. It lets you explore different degrees of efficiency, making it essentially 6 razors in one.

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Thank you all so much for your nice welcome, comments and suggestions! It is a real pleasure to be on the forum:) As you said, one of the main pleasures is experimentation and I decided that trying Henson is worth it, so I ordered it together with a bunch of various blades. So far I've tried it with Shark super stainless (as a part of preparation for the Shark Week;)), feather and wizamet. It almost works well for me, but going ATG in the moustache area is not the most pleasant experience. There are no cuts, red dots or irritation, but blade feeling is very pronounced. Lord classic is going to be my next try and my highest hopes are for Gillette permasharp which I'll try later. I'll give Henson more chances but I suspect that it won't become my best friend.
Rockwell 6s: many people mention that it has a somewhat big head. How big of an issue is it? What are your thoughts?
AS/D2: I really like the looks of it, it feels like some kind of engineer's tool.
I decided that trying Henson is worth it, so I ordered it together with a bunch of various blades, but blade feeling is very pronounced.
I'm surprised to read this. I have a Henson mild and there is basically no blade feel. Which aggression did you choose?
I'm surprised to read this. I have a Henson mild and there is basically no blade feel. Which aggression did you choose?
I'm also surprised. I have a mild version. My suspicion is that I don't pay enough attention to the right angle. The feeling I have is that the blade is pulling my hair instead of cutting it, but I have this feeling in the moustache area only. I'll try to be more careful and attentive during my next shave tomorrow morning and will put an update here.
My update: razorock xXx face-lathered, Henson mild with Lord classic, 3 passes: WTG, XTG, ATG. I got a BBS and tried to be more careful with the angle, and on all passes in all areas it feels reasonably comfortable, but during the third pass ATG above my lips there's quite prominent tugging/pulling which makes me apply more force and which creates "the blade feeling" I mentioned earlier.

My plan now is to try permasharp, since they're supposed to be sharper than Lord and change the order to WTG, ATG, XTG.

One of the reasons I ordered Henson was that I wanted to try it myself and then recommend it to my friends who use cartridges. That is also why I want to find a way to a comfortable shave with this razor.
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