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An SE Razor Compendium?

Is there a compendium or compilation of SE razors anywhere here on B&B?

I know what I consider the big players and legendary models...

Cobra, ATT, Mongoose, Blackland

I know there are lots of artisan and micro brands too, Ocam comes to mind...

But I'm sure there are more and new ones keep coming. So I was wondering if there is a page that tracks these offerings.

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Nope... Plenty of info here in the SE forum. The only thing to do is to ask questions.

There are three main platforms, GEM, Injector, and Artist Club(AC).
I'm a long time wet shavers and am familiar with and have owned the three different formats but was looking for a data base of the different Artist Club style SE razors... in one location instead of having to comb through all the threads.

Find one that's interesting then look for threads with opinions and reviews.

Compendium or streamlined data base of manufacturers and models...

But that apparently doesn't exist.

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Nothing says that someone cannot start up a wiki page (or two or three or four!) to identify/list SE razors which use:
- GEM type blades
- Injector blades
- AC type blades
- 1/2 DE blades


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Rock'n'Roll, boys'n'girls.

I've started a page which anyone can add their information to.
Direct page link: Single Edge Safety Razors
Also accessible from the main SE razor page (under selecting your gear) Interactive Guide to SE Razor Shaving , which can be found via the main ShaveWiki page



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A good number of entries have already been popped in. Thanks folks, this will be a great reference tool.
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