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An epic quest to find the blade of legend

Some really like carbon steel blades, but they don't last long. Treet black beauties are probably the most popular example. Some more possible suggestions Gillette perma-sharp, if looking for cheap blades perhaps some lord, or super max blades like lord platinum class and supermax blue diamond.
I like the Med Preps, the Astra Stainless and the GSBs a lot. Especially the Med Preps. They’re a top quality blade. You just might find one of these 3 to be your favorite.... oh and the Lab Blues are not bad at all too.
A good place to start comparing blades is with the Popular and milder Astra Superior Platinum. While not excesively sharp, it is generally regarded as smooth and capable of giving excellent shaves without irritation. Astra SP's are great to use while perfecting your shave angle and pressure, before going on to sharper blades such as Feather, BIC, Nacet or Voskhods.
So day two with the Wilkinson's. It still glides smooth across my face without much drag. But again it doesn't seem to take the hair down efficiently. It takes several strokes to get the hair down in one direction. Still not much irritation except around my neck a little.

I just went over the blade sharpness chart again and was surprised to learn that the German Wilkinson's pick up a lot of sharpness after a shave or two, going from pretty smooth to very sharp after the coating wears off. This is the only blade I've ever "pushed" and gotten good results. I almost always chuck them after 2 shaves because of my coarse beard. I've given a lot of razors to my friends as gifts and I always order them these blades because I find them some of the most forgiving I have used.
So after several shaves I have finished with the Wilkinson's. It's not a bad blade at all. It seems very forgiving but doesn't give me as close a shave as I would prefer. Still much more comfortable to shave with than either of the previous 2 blades I have tried. Today I will be testing out the Astra Superior Platnium.
So I used the Astra Platinum for 5 shaves. It was a nice sharp blade and it gave a fairly smooth shave. The initial shave was a little rough. It seemed......toothy...as it dragged across my face. It smoothed out after the second shave. I did. Notice that it seemed to irritate my face some. While its definitely a better blade than the VDH I'm not sure that it's going to be my favorite. Next up will be the Voskhod - Teflon Coated.
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