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Americans / Canadians: Manual Transmissions and You

My Thoughts on Manual Transmissions:

  • I greatly prefer to drive standards

  • I’m proficient in driving a standard but don't care to do so

  • I don't know how to drive a standard but would love to learn

  • I don’t know how to drive a standard and couldn't be bothered to learn!

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I'm pretty into cars. I understand all the reasons to have a manual; my car is often in a gear I don't want when I'm trying to do certain things. Unfortunately my experience is limited to moving a couple of box trucks around a parking lot a few times, 20 years ago. My parents had mostly manual cars growing up but they wouldn't teach me to drive them when I was learning. Therefore I don't know how but would like to be able to. A lot of people will give me crap since I'm into cars but can't drive one; it's one of my biggest secrets. My wife could care less about cars but can drive one so this is frustrating, I really don't want/can't just buy one to learn on. /sigh