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American Hustle

Did everyone that has seen American Hustle catch the rather sophicated scent reference/arguably one of the themes for the film?

Rosalyn, the Jennifer Lawrence character, says something like "every great perfume always has something in it that smells like garbage." Hooray for animalics.
But I assume she was talking about THE VEG, right? :lol: :lol: :lol:

She could have been talking about that fecal note in C&S Cuba that everyone keeps mentioning (also likened to bad breath on occasion). Also, someone once described SMN Acqua di Cuba as a combination of Red Hots and fart spray. Now, that's haute perfumerie.
I think she was talking about the scent of her nail polish. I agree with David that all of the performances were great but the movie was overrated.
No apologies needed. I thought it was an excellent film. She was talking all great scents in the context of talking about her nail polish or more technically s nail polish overcoat. I read somewhere where someone tracked it down. What she says is correct about traditional scents.
You're right...I believe it was from Switzerland?

Apologies to the OP as we're straying a bit off topic here...

Sounds like Mavala!

As for the movie, I was pretty suprised, that they didn't sell the whole movie as an ad platform for GQ and others.
I often find myself thinking that a scent could use a little civet, castoreum, cumin, etc., but the quality of the ingredients probably is crucial too. In other words, if the quality is low, I may tend to think a bit of something else should be added, whereas if the notes seem rich and deep the scent is more likely to come across as "complete."
Great movie and I remember the scene, she finished it of by saying, "thats what keeps drawing you back".

I admit, there were times I wasn't paying attention to the dialogue when she was on screen.
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