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I decided to attack one of the big boys now!

Please feed any input that you may have into the list. I would like the name of the manufacturer, the different fragrances/products and the official website of the manufacturer if available!

What I have so far, very small list:

Anthony Logistics - http://www.anthony.com/
-After Shave Balm
-Razor Burn Repair
-Ingrown Hair Treatment
American Crew - http://www.americancrew.com/
-Post-shave cooling lotion
Art of Shaving - http://www.theartofshaving.com/
-Unscented balm
-Lavender balm
-Lemon balm
-Sandalwood balm
AquaVelva - http://www.aquavelvausa.com
-Classic Ice Blue
-Ice Sport Cooling after shave
Aubrey Organics - http://www.aubrey-organics.com/
-Men's Stock City Rhythms After Shave Balm
-Men's Stock City Rhythms Aftershave
Avalon Natural Products - http://www.avalonnaturalproducts.com/
Baxter of California - http://www.baxterofcalifornia.com/
-After Shave balm
-Razor Bump relief
Bigelow - http://www.bigelowchemists.com/
-Bigelow Barber After Shave Elixir Black No. 1701
-Bigelow Barber After Shave Elixir Blue # 1704
-Bigelow Barber After Shave Elixir Green No. 1702
-Bigelow Barber After Shave Elixir Red No. 1703
-Bigelow Barber After-Shave Balm # 1200
-Bigelow Bay Rum After-Shave Balm # 1401
Billy Jealousy - http://www.billyjealousy.com/
-Aftershave balm
Brut (Made in USA one...) - http://www.brutworld.com/
Burt's Bees - http://www.burtsbees.com/
-Natural Skin Care for Men Aftershave
-Bay Rum
Calvin Klein - http://www.calvinkleininc.com/
-Calvin Klein by Calvin Klein balm
-Calvin Klein by Calvin Klein splash
-CK In2u
-Crave splash
-Crave balm
-Escape balm
-Escape splash
-Eternity balm
-Eternity splash
-Euphoria balm
-Euphoria splash
-Obsession balm
-Obsession splash
-Truth splash
Caswell Massey - http://www.caswellmassey.com/
-Almond After Shave Balm
-Sandalwood After Shave Balm
-Greenbriar After Shave $28.00
-Number Six After Shave
-Newport After Shave
-Jockey Club Aftershave
-Tricorn Aftershave
-Verbena Aftershave
-Aura of Patchouli After Shave
-Lime Aftershave Lime Aftershave
Clinique - http://www.clinique.com/
-Post-Shave Healer
-Post-Shave Soother Anti-Blemish Formula
-Post-Shave Soother Beard Control Formula
Colonel Conk - http://www.colconkproducts.com/
-Bay Rum
Dana Classics - http://www.danaclassics.com/
-Canoe After Shave
-English Leather After Shave
Dickinson - http://www.dickinsonbrands.com/
-Original Witch Hazel
-T.N. Dickinson Witch Hazel
eShave - http://www.eshave.com/
-After Shave Soother Verbena Lime
-After Shave Soother Lavender
-After Shave Soother Fragrance Free
-After Shave Cream, White Tea
-After Shave Cream, Cucumber
-After Shave Cream Almond
Every Man Jack - http://www.everymanjack.com/
-Cooling gel
-Face lotion / fragrance free
-Face lotion / signature mint
-Face lotion / sun protection
Gentlemen's Best - http://gentlemensbest.com/
-GB "Chilled" - Aftershave Splash
-GB "Signature Series" - Aftershave Splash
-GB "Signature Series" - Aftershave Milk
The Gentlemen's Refinery - http://www.thegr.com/
-Unscented After Shave Balm
-The Standard After Shave Balm
The Gentlemen's Quarter - http://www.thegentlemensquarter.com/
Jack Black - http://www.getjackblack.com/
-Post Shave Cooling Gel with Aloe, Sage and Lavender
Herban Cowboy - http://www.herbancowboy.com/
-Aftershave balm
Jason Natural - http://www.jason-natural.com/
-All Natural After Shave Tonic
John Allans - http://www.johnallans.com/
-Cooling after shave Splash
Kiehl's - http://www.kiehls.com/
Lab Series Skincare - http://www.labseriesformen.com
-3-In-1 Post-Shave
-Razor Burn Relief Ultra
Lanman & Kemp-Barclay - http://www.lanman-and-kemp.com/
-Florida Water
Lucky Tiger - http://www.getluckytiger.com/
-After Shave
-After Shave Aspen
-Bay Rum After Shave
Mama Bear - http://mamabearssoaps.com/
-Unscented Summer Aftershave Milk
-Cucumber Summer Aftershave
-Peppermint Summer Aftershave Milk
-Rose Summer Aftershave Milk
-Lilac Ice Aftershave
-Lime Ice Aftershave
-Mandarin Ice Aftershave
-Sandalwood Winter Aftershave Balm
-Unscented Winter Aftershave Balm
-Add a Custom Scent to Your Winter Aftershave Purchase
-Add a Custom Scent to your Summer Aftershave Milk
Master - http://krewcomb.com/
-Bay Rum
-Iceland Breeze (green and blue)
-Lilac Vegetal
-Lord & Master
-Musk (red and amber)
-Ocean Blue
Mennen Skin Bracer - http://www.colgate.com/app/Colgate/US/PC/Products/MensToiletries/SkinBracer.cvsp
-Cooling blue
MenScience - http://www.menscience.com/
-Post-Shave Repair
MyChelle - http://www.mychelle.com/
Nautica - http://www.nautica.com/
-Nautica blue aftershave splash
-Nautica competition
-Nautica Nautica aftershave splash
-Ocean aftershave splash
-Voyage aftershave splash
Neutrogena - http://www.neutrogena.com
-Sensitive Skin post shave balm
Old Spice - http://www.oldspice.com/
-Pure Sport
-Smooth Blast
Pinaud Clubman - http://www.clubman.com
-Clubman Pinaud - Bay Rum
-Clubman Pinaud - Special Reserve Cologne
-Clubman Pinaud - Aftershave lotion - Original
-Clubman Pinaud - Aftershave lotion - Classic vanilla
-Clubman Pinaud - Musk Aftershave cologne
-Jeris - Musk for men
-Jeris - Osage Rub
-Lustray - Coachman aftershave
-Lustray - Draggon noir eau de toilette
-Lustray - Lilac aftershave lotion
-Lustray - Blue spice aftershave lotion
-Lustray - Emerald for the hair
-Lustray - Bay Rum
-Lustray - Spice aftershave cologne
-Pinaud Lilac Vegetal
-Pinaud Lime sec
-Pinaud Citrus musk
Ralph Lauren - http://www.ralphlauren.com/
-Polo Black
-Polo Blue splash
-Polo explorer
-Polo Modern reserve
-Polo splash
-Polo sport
-Romance Silver
Reviva Labs - http://www.revivalabs.com/
-After Shave Skin Conditioner Lotion
Royall Lyme Bermuda - http://royalllymebermuda.com/
-Royall Lyme
-Royall Specials
-Royall Bay Rhum
-Royall Muske
-Royall Spyce
-Royall Mandarin
-Royall Vetiver
Saint Charles Shave - http://www.saintcharlesshave.com/
-Aspect Aftershave Milk
-Avocado Oil Aftershave Balm
-Bay Rum Aftershave Balm
-Bay Rum with A Twist Aftershave Milk
-"Blue Line" Menthol Aftershave Balm
-"Blue Line" Menthol Aftershave Splash
-Dagger Aftershave Milk
-Lavender Aftershave Milk
-Lavender Aftershave Splash
-Lime Aftershave Milk
-Lime Aftershave Splash
-Aftershave Splash, "Mediterranean Citrus"
-Nutriment TM Aftershave Gel for Men
-Oakmoss Lavendula Aftershave Cream
-Sahara Aftershave Balm
-Sandalwood Aftershave Splash
-Savory Rose Aftershave Milk
-Savory Rose Aftershave Splash
Stanley Home Products
-Big Wheel® All Purpose Lotion
Stephan - No official website
-320 Astringent Lotion
-Alpine Menthol Skin Toner
-Bay Rum Fragrant Skin Toner
-Island Lime Aftershave/Cologne
-Lilac Aftershave/Cologne
Tend Skin - http://www.tendskin.com/
Thayers - http://www.thayers.com/
-Medicated Superhazel & Peach Astringents
-Alcohol-Free Rose Petal
-Alcohol-Free Original
-Alcohol-Free Lavender
-Alcohol-Free Cucumber
-Alcohol-Free Unscented Toner
Tom Ford - http://www.tomford.com/
-Tom Ford After Shave Splash
-Tom Ford After Shave Balm
Tommy Hilfiger - http://www.tommy.com/
-Tommy Hilfiger By Tommy Hilfiger
-True Star
Vi-Jon - http://vijon.com/
-Vi-Jon Aftershave
Zirh - http://www.zirh.com/

What else is out there?

I will eventually wiki the information!
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"To Wiki or Not To Wiki, That's The Question".
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Thanks gents! Good start!
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