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Amber & Cobalt

Gents sorry if this has been addressed before...

Are there any advantages or disadvantages between the amber or cobalt bottles and atomizers?

Kyle said:
As compared to each other or to something else?

Sorry I should explain........

I'm in the market for bottles and containers. That said I don't know if I should go with the brown or blue. Now I see that there is glass and plastic which comes in clear, natural, white, blue, brown and green.

Is there any advantage of one over the other. Which should I purchase? I'd like to use plastic for travel and breakage reasons.
letterk said:
I think (just a guess) that the cobalt or brown may have some advantages when storing products that may be sensitive to light.

Yes, brown in particular will increase your shelf life as it will let in less light. However, unless you are going to be storing something for years go with the one you like best for whatever reason. I prefer plastic just becuase it doesn't break.
I hadn't thought about the preservations issues, but I suppose that's just one more reason to buy.

I prefer the glass cobalt and amber bottles for home use. I find them both to be attractive and have a nice heft. I with that with my initial order, I had also picked up some plastic bottles for travel.
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