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Amazon Prime Bosch Season 3

I just binge watched Bosch season 3. I thought it was probably the best of the three seasons. Excellent, really. It captures a lot of the the Bosch in the books, which are among my very favorite of any genre, although there are some jarring divergences to me. And those, to me, smell of studio/corporate interference. And the forearm tatoos seem distracting. Also, to me, they are still using movies to sell cigarettes, which is disturbing.
I binge watched it this weekend as well and agree it was excellent. It's rare that the books I enjoy are even watchable when turned into films or television shows. A few good examples of Hollywood screwing things up are the horrible Jack Reacher movies and a couple of terrible attempts at the Prey novels by John Sanford.
I do not know the Prey novels, but I agree that the Reacher movies are not up to the books at all. But everyone knew that would be the case when they cast Tom Cruise. I do not like dislike Tom Cruise in general--although I know many folks do--but his casting as Jack Reacher is slap to fans of the book. Which is a shame as the books seem obviously adaptable to the screen. Bosch is probably an example of how well these things can be done, but there are still some elements that seem as if some studio suit thought the story could be made better by his ideas rather than Connelly's. And I truly wonder how much cigarette placement pays.

A huge off-note, I thought, was Bosch now supposedly having been Special Forces/Green Beret for the TV show. I do not think that fits the Bosch in the books at all.

Still, overall, a great series, generally consistent with the books, which seems to be a miracle!
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