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Amazon Japan

Wanted to pick up a Misono knife as a gift (they're a great no-nonsense line of kitchen knives) and the best way to get them at the moment by far was from Amazon ...in Japan (eg. amazon.co.jp). Even accounting for the shipping. In the process I also found out they're a great place to buy Atoma diamond plates for lapping my stones (and rescuing otherwise hopeless razors) and they stock twin injector blades which I picked up in that order (which came very promptly) and have since tried ...they are excellent. Solid pricing on AC blades also I noticed.

Anyone else find any interesting deals there? I'm tempted to make another order...
Oddly I couldn't find a Feather dx razor(kamisori) . Us ebay they are down to 103 ish. I keep missing the sale section when they pop up.
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