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Amazon honing set up suggestions

Hello, I wanted to ask what would be a minimalistic set of stones from amazon that would allow setting bevels and getting razors ready for basla stropping. I'm kinda limited for sources and Amazon seems the easiest to use. I need to get to the sharpest settings as I have a really thick beard.

Thanks for any pointers
A Shapton 1.5 k ceramic is a relatively inexpensive and really nice bevel setter. Then follow that with a 3k and 8k Shapton ceramic and you should be ok for balsa. I think the Shapton's work as nice as other Japanese synths and often for less money. They are hard, and therefore don't need lots of prep work. Another option, which is the cheapest, are King stones. A 1k and a 6k combo King can be had for a song. Now, I have never used a 6k King, but lots of knife guys swear by the 1k King, and it has set thousands of razor bevels too. It's soft, requires soaking, and you will have to keep it flat.

Sure, I love coticules too but I think synths are better suited for your needs. Setting a bevel on a coticules may take a long, long time, depending on the rock. And if you have to repair a slightly damaged edge, you would be happy you had the 1.5k shapton or similar.

Used stones from a forum like this is a good bet too.
For an economical full set-up from 1k, I would suggest a Suehiro 1k/3k kitchen combo, followed by a coticule used with water only, no slurry, followed by Welsh purple or Vermont green or purple slate used with water or light machine oil, no slurry. No need for the balsa afterwards.
When you hone a blade from scratch, most of the time is spent on setting the bevel. I use to do that on a King 1K which did a great job but took a long time. Getting a DMT plate coarser than that will help you considerably and they are not expensive.
The King combo 1k/6K is one I use a lot. the 6K from king is 2 microns which is thinner than the Norton 8K (3 microns). Next I'd get the Naniwa 10K, which I think is about 1.2 microns. For finishing, you can use a stop with Chromium Oxide or any small flatten agate. You can pick one up use as a night light or a coaster for less than $10. They do a great job at getting you to smoothen the edge to under 1 micron.
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