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Amazon - 100 Astra DE Blades

The SS are just as good to my exceedingly handsome face as the Gillette Silver Blue ones. I'm not sure if I could tell the difference between them in a blind test. And the Astra SP is really good for me after a couple shaves.

Blades is weird my friend. Everytime I see someone showing love for Derby blades I scratch my head, lol! Those blades hate me!
I can't tell the difference between Astra SS and Gillette Silver Blue either. Astra SP aren't sharp or smooth enough to me.

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Thanks. I figured eight bucks for enough blades to last two years at my usual rate of one blade per week was a good deal. I'll take a pass on the fast-food franchise for lunch today and fix myself a pb&j at home and call it even :)
Astra is in my top 5. May get some at that price. Although I only usually get 4 shaves per blade (I break them in half and use in a Shavette) still great value. My favourite blade is now too expensive to be viable