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Am or Pm?

For me and my face ...... evening shaves are sublime.
I shower in the morning, before leaving the house for work,
but my evening shaves are relaxing, "my special time for me,"
and almost meditative inducing peaceful . Hey, ..... in this crazy
Corona virus world that we are all facing, ..... shaving is sublime !
AM. PM. Yes!

Retired, so I don’t need close for the normal day. Usually alternate by shaving about every 30 - 40 hours. AM then following day PM then 2nd day AM. Keeps beard down and avoids irritation by giving skin a bit longer to recover.
PM for me. My day starts between 3:45am - 4am so I don't have time for a shave in the morning. Ironic because I was the master of the 5 minute shave in the shower in the morning with cremo and a cartridge razor.

I like to get home, do a quick Peloton workout & maybe some quick weights and then either help with or make dinner, hang out with the wife and kids and then 60-90 minutes before bed I'll shower and then shave. Excellent and relaxing way to wind down. I shave on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. If the boss is getting after me about not shaving on those in between days then I'll use my electric. One of these days I'll try shaving several days in a row. Have yet to find a reason to shave Friday - Sunday. If we go out then they'll just have to live with the scruffy look.
PM for me. I have early mornings, so does my wife. Am usually out of the house by 0645hrs. We also have just one bathroom for the 3 of us, so hogging time in the AM for a shave gets me in trouble.