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Always wanted an Old Spice mug

Always wanted an Old Spice mug. Passed up the opportunity decades ago and regretted the decision.

Christmas week spotted a NOS mug on a well known vendor site. Guessing they found it in the storeroom. Jumped on the opportunity. The mug...



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mine gets more use as coffee mug!

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That looks so inviting!

I was recently gifted one from @Tanuki ... I'll have to rumage around my photo graphic alley and see if I took a picture worthy of it's awesomeness!
Notice please the custom lid and the contents... Maybe a better picture is in order for that:
I am so grateful for my friends.
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damn you guys! I've been resisting to starting a small "shelf-worthy" collection of mugs. At some point I'll get a personalized shaving mug that belonged to my great great uncle from his time in the Spanish American war... it would be terrible for it to be all alone. Where should I be looking?
Interestingly enough, I just got a 1948-49 "Friendship" Old Spice mug for $15 in a local antique shop. Looks brand new! I wish I had a lid for it.
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