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Aluminum Brush Storage Tubes - FREE

Shaving brush storage / travel containers.
These are free, all I ask is for you to pay the shipping cost.

I have a lot of these & would like to pass some on to fellow members.

Aluminum storage tubes with removable top cap. Cap has a hole drilled in it for air circulation.
Cap is not threaded, it pushes on.
5 1/2" tall, 2" across
Comfortably holds my largest 28mm brushes.
Most are stamped on the bottom "Can Made in England", the remainder are stamped "USA".
Brushes in picture are not included with any purchase & are not for sale.
Please pay for shipping using PayPal G&S.

Shipping costs:
1 - 4 tubes: $8.50
5 - 11 tubes: $18 shipping (Priority Mail)
12+ tubes: shipping cost calculated based on quantity purchased

Prices are for shipping in USA. For international shipping, please contact me.
That's a great gesture!

I have a few of the little Simpson tubes, so I am covered but they look perfect for travel/storage. 👍
I got my order in the other day. They are a little bigger than i thought. But after dropping a brush in one it seems to be about the right size. Thanks for the great deal.
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