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Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by fast shaver, May 15, 2018.

    I have really missed out on the Alum Block train. My shave today was with a Gillette Super Speed & a GSB blade. Cold water rinse followed with the Osma Alum block. I left it on for about a minute & rinsed it off. Post shave feel was very good IMO. I am now a believer in this stuff.
  1. I agree it’s become essential for me too. Only thing I’d be careful you don’t drop the block on a hard tiled bathroom floor. I dropped my first block after just a week and it smashed into hundreds of tiny pieces.
  2. Another alum block "tip". If you are buying anything from Maggard's get their alum block. It's inexpensive and it's HUGH! It should last a lifetime. :) I bought one once because I needed to hit the free shipping amount and was surprised when it arrived by its size. It also comes in a little plastic case.
  3. Yeah it’s great for my skin too. I use it almost every shave.

    I found while the osma is a bit higher priced than other alum blocks it doesn’t seem to crumble and deteriorate with rough edges over many months of daily use (unlike some others I tried such as Razorock and one from India but forget the name).
  4. I use mine every day as well, and I have my 2 sons using their own blocks to keep their skin clear of acne. Good stuff.
  5. While I enjoy the effect of an alum block, the down side is that it dries my face so much that my Nivea Balm just vanishes on contact with my skin.
  6. You can use it as a pre-shave to stand the hair up and as a deodorant. I use Barbero brand which comes in a travel case also.
  7. Do you rinse it off after a few minutes? I generally use a balm as well after alum but rinse the alum off before balm application. Haven’t had any effects to the balm.
  8. I always rinse it off after approx 30-45 seconds - the time it takes me to rinse out my brush. Mind you, I do have very hard water; perhaps that's a factor.
  9. I don't rinse it off... I have a similar process, I apply the alum, rinse/pack away shaving tackle which by then leaves my face feeling dry-ish ready to then splash on some aftershave (I don't use balms anymore, they don't give me the same feeling as AS)
  10. Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. Luckily I had purchased two blocks from Maggards.
  11. Marco

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    It's the very first original aftershave. I can skip the rest of my post shave routine, but not the Alum Block!
  12. Well that stinks. I guess use it sparingly. Luckily there are many products that we can use instead for good post shave (AS, balms, WHs, moisturizers).

    I have issues with some creams that are otherwise really great so it’s just how it is sometimes.
  13. SGWB

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    I use it almost every shave. It seems to prevent the ingrown hairs that tend to develop on my neck.

    After rinsing with cold water I rub an Osma alum block all over my face, clean my brush, and rinse the alum off. If I leave it on too long it really dries me out.

    I like the Osma alum blocks because they are cut from solid Potassium Alum crystals, not a powder compressed into a solid block.
  14. Damn I dropped & smashed my second Alum yesterday! Going to buy yet another one but this time get the one with an integrated loop of rope to tie around my wrist!!
  15. Bhugo

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    Way too drying for me, but I liked it when I first dropped the cartridges. It sure does show you where you used too much pressure!
  16. Just started using it this year and use it daily. It works quickly so washing after your face is dry won’t matter. Someone suggested putting it on your finger tips to aid in stretching your skin while using a straight razor. I was skeptical but by golly it works.
  17. I use a Shavex large (110 g) alum block. I always dry the hand that picks it up, and then dip the other end in cold water. I always hold it so that any water on the block runs downhill toward the face end. I've never dropped it. I also always hold it by the same square end, so that the other end is nice and rounded.
    I used to use a round Omega stick with a handle, but after a while the handle loosens up. If the cap had a flat end, maybe I could have stood it handle up, like a brush.
    I was wondering about that. :confused1 Wouldn't it defeat the purpose of the lather if the alum gets on your skin mid-pass?
  18. No. Shave enough lather off to grab the skin, continue the pass and rinse and relather between passes as usual. I only use this shaving my cheeks
  19. This guy has Nancy Pelosi skin.

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