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Alternatives to 10k SS for mirror polish?

I'm currently using a Naniwa SS 10k as a finishing stone for my pocket knives, and while I really enjoy the mirror finish it produces, I would love a muddier stone (ideally a soaker) as an alternative, or if not, thoughts on the mirror finish produced by the 12k vs the 10k SS.

I figured I would ask here because straight razor users have the most experience with high-grit synths.

I'm particularly curious about the SPS II 10k and 13k, but open to anything that could be used after a Naniwa Junpaku 8k or a Gesshin 8k on steels including 1095/52100/Aogami Super/VG-10/154cm.


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I think a muddier stone in general will produce a less polished finish. Currently I'm using a JNat suita on my high end Japanese kitchen knives, but like many JNats it produces a kasumi finish not a polish, which I desire because many of my knives are a laminated construction.

I'd probably be looking at the Suehiro Gokumyo series, 15k or 20k. The 20k is a favorite with razor users, and I have one but have not used it on my knives.

Cheers, Steve
Like Steve said I would recommend the suehiro gokumyo 10k, 15k, or 20k. That synthetic series has received some awesome reviews and I love my 20k very much. No more crox fro me because of it.
I'm not usually a fan of the shaving edges off of synthetics, but the Suehiro Gokumyo is very nice in that grit range.
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