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Alternative for unwanted soap

Rainy day here and shut in. I turned to a little drawer cleaning job that I vowed not to do while I could still be doing things outside. But I wanted to deal with a drawer full of unwanted tubs of soap. I won't go into the various reasons why the tubs were not getting used, which varies from tub to tub, but I'll chronicle with pictures here what I did with them. I turned them into bars intending to use then as hand soap, not really knowing if it would work. I came to realize that there was no way I was ever going to finish most of these soaps and I didn't want to bin them.
So, I emptied the drawer of about a dozen victims. This on the day that I switched out my preferred Summer soaps with my Winter preferred soaps. Only four soaps made it to Winter storage.
My intention was to use an old cheese grater to grate the pucks, but I found that most of the soap was too soft to grate. So, I had a pile of soft and harder soap.
I grated what I could. Even the blue and green stuff!
Then I pressed it all together so there was no chunks.
I had intended to use a muffin pan to form the pucks, but the final product was so soft that pucks could easily be formed by hand. I used floss to cut the pucks off a formed log.
Hoping they will dry out nicely for bar soap.

This is my second drawer purge in six years of wet shaving. My first one was three years ago and I combined all my scrap soaps into one container. Affectionately known as "clown puke" around the forum. I still have that tub and use it on weekends when I shave the back of my neck.
Not sure what I'll do next time.
Nicely played!

No point in tossing them and Canada Post makes it hard to sell a few at a time with rates.

They should dry out fine and make great soap bars.
Yes, I am in Canada, and it's true, even to give the soap away would cost a lot in postage. I know one B&B'r who lives near me and we've exchanged soaps, which is great fun.
Great idea! I wonder, if you put the softer soaps in the freezer for a day or 2, would they be easier to grate? Or would freezing affect it negatively?
I did the same thing with a couple of softer soaps. You'll be surprised how quickly they disappear in the shower. I had at least a 3oz bar and it was gone in three showers.
How long did you dry them?

If you dry them out fully, they should be good for more than 3 normal showers.
I don't think I'll use them in the shower, only by the sink for hand/face washing. I'm still looking for good, hard, triple milled soap for the shower. The artisan soaps I've tried melt like butter in the shower, and they cost $8-$10 a bar.
Very depression era solution. I would have tossed all of it, gone to the market, and bought some Ivory soap or similar.
Counted roughly 18 soap containers. Hard to believe the third and fourth photos of all the soaps mashed together combined with the tiny B&B Halloween bats flying around likely represent $250 - $300 worth of product.🙂. Definitely not the impression of a premium shaving product with a pleasant aroma that these soaps were sold as.

Suggest that these photos be made required viewing for anyone requiring a cold turkey cure for SAD.🤣

Kidding aside no reason for @Leverspro not to get some utility from a no longer needed product.
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