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Alternate Fatip handles? Or where to find 4.5mmx8 threaded materials to have one spun?

I have a Grande handle for a Fatip razor I'm not really fond of and the Nickel has some corrosion so, it's time for a change. This has me wondering what options I might have since it isn't the most common 10-32/M5x0.8 Gilette or modern specification. I doubt this is something I could strip at home and then replate but, I wonder about stripping it, bead blasting, and then re-chroming.

The best option is probably just buying a stainless replacement handle but, everything I have looked at is M5x0.8 and won't work.

What are my better options? It is just a ~$20 razor, so nothing too crazy makes sense but, I do like how it shaves, and hear the newer head has some blade alignment issues so, maybe the secondhand market for an unloved Picolo or similar model is an option?

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If it's not a slant you can put another topcap with normal threads on it.
That's what I did, not for that reason but because my original was warped and defective.
Used a Merkur, works great!



A lot of there to read! Most of it though seems to talk about fitting the non-standard threads of Fatip to 10-32 and M5x0.08 handle which seem to strip the threads over time.

The top cap conversions are a good thought but, they also change the way the Fatip razor works.

The top cap conversion makes me wonder about drilling the existing stud out and using a flush-fit screw to create a "four-piece" head with maybe a Torx or Allen key screw.
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