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Aloe Vera Shaving Soap

Greetings Mühle-Pinsel fans. Today was the second of two shaves with the Mühle Aloe Vera soap that came with the very nice looking stainless steel bowl. I must admit I was honestly disappointed with this particular soap. While it is just loaded with aloe vera (perhaps overloaded?), the lather was a real disappointment.
Today, as I had no time pressure to get to the office, I spent a great deal of time building, rebuilding, and renewing the lather, but all to no avail. No matter what I did, I was only able to produce lather that was just too airy. It looked great until you lathered it on the visage. I tried building it in a lathering vessel and lather building on the visage. Same poor lather. It would disappear from your right cheek by the time you had completed 3 or 4 strokes on your left cheek. This was a repeat of the previous day's experience.
As to the exceptional amount of aloe vera in this soap, for those of you familiar with this wonderfully moisturizing plant extract, I found a large, silky globule remaining in the bowl after each lathering. It was aloe vera and every last bit got rubbed into my hands for a great moisturizing experience.
I really wish I could say better things about the soap. The saving grace was that despite the poor lather, I was protected well enough (by the aloe) to not suffer feu de rasoir from a 4-pass with a 6-shave old and also a brand new Feather.
Tomorrow is Meeresalge (sea algae) or Sandleholz (sandal wood).. Till then.
Ron, I hear you, buddy! I had a cake of the M-P aloe soap also, and I ended up using it as shower soap, because it didn't lather worth a damn. It smelled nice though, but it was totally useless as shaving soap.

Thanks guys I was about to order the Aloe Vera since im an Aloe freak but ill skip it now. I rather stay with the Wilkinson soap and Vergulde Hand soap.
Sorry Guys - The new formula is just as bad, I got it to lather a bit, but it lubricates like glue. My razor just bounced about in my face - Ouch !!

It will end its days as shower-soap.
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