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Almost newbie but a forum stalker checking in!

First off i have been DE wet Shaving for about 6 months now and i got all of you to thank for it :)

Strong beard sensitive skin shaving had been hell for 20 years i could never shave more than 1-2 times a week without looking like a strawberry field ...

6 month ago i decided to research shaving tired of looking scruffy irritated or wearing a beard ... I fell upon this website and you became my holy grail ... i decided to go along get a decent silvertip brush a mercur 38C some C&E soaps... and voila 6 months later I am well shaved and HAPPY. Your forums and Wiki has been an inspiration to me and I can not thank you enough for my BBS and the actual daily enjoyment out of this morning ritual I get. It sets my day on the right track! ... my morning double short espresso and my shave are what sets it off.

So again TY!

And now the next step ... i will probably jump head first into straight blade :) what can i say i feel it would add an other dimension to the whole experience ... after 20 years of shaving hate all i can think about is making my next one even more enjoyable !

Cheers and kudos for all the great work.

Welcome to B&B

I'm in the same boat as you with sensitive skin, and I'll agree 100% DE shaving solved a lot of my problems.

The straights have always tempted me !
Welcome, Hans! Glad that the B&B has helped make your life a little better! Thanks for popping in, and be sure to let us know how you get along with the straight shaving!
It sounds like the straights are singing their siren's song.... If you go down that path be prepared for a longer learning curve, some rough shaves...... but the end result is sheer shaving nirvana
TY for the warm welcome but i am probably one of the luky one the learning curve has been 0 to none got one little nick the fist time (soul patch xtg) and that was it. I did find the merkur blade to be rough then i switchted to derby and feathers after a week and since then no more problem :) i found the merkur blades to tend to try and rip the har off instead of cutting em ... but then again it's a personal view on it ! hehe

i got a nice alum block ... used once ... maybe with a straight ill get to use it !
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