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OK, I'm taking the plunge. I've been wet shaving for a long, long time, but not the "full tilt" way. I am 36, and realized very early on that 'lectric, just wasn't going to cut it for me. (groan) My beard in full, thick and grows fast. I have been shaving in the shower with a Sensor for a long time. I tried the triple blades and some of that over-marketed stuff, but it doesn't work for me. Maybe 15 years ago, I had a girlfriend that worked at Crabtree and Evelyn who gave me a brush, mug and soap. I used it for a bit and liked it, but the whole kit was misplaced not long thereafter when I moved to attend Grad school.

Not long ago I was in a high-end barber shop and decided to get a shave along with a cut. The experience was nice, but the shave was miserable. The lady doing the shave just needs more practice and for $20, it was disappointing.

It was then I decided to dive in and do some more research and start experimenting again. My wife was actually the first to contribute to the cause and picked up some Weleda shaving cream while she was at the granola shop. I have to say, this was a great improvement over the Neutrogena gel I had been using. Interestingly, I haven't seen anyone mention it on the boards. Maybe it doesn't make "the cut" as far as good creams are considered. (OK, I didn't intend that one). Next was some Kiss My Face cream. Again, good stuff.

Now I am going in all the way. I picked up an old Gillette Fatboy off ebay (enroute) and have just ordered a Vulfix 2234, Mercur Platinums and Feather Platinums from Classic. I should have all this stuff in the next week.

I kept hearing that the Merkur Progress or the HD would be good starter DE's, but, I don't know, anyone can own the new stuff, and I probably will too, and soon. The old razor seemed intreguing and a good number of fellows rave about the old Gillette adjustables. Seems like a reasonable start.

Anyhow, wish me luck. I am sure I will be asking lots of questions soon.

I am now looking for threads or links on DE techniques, etc.

Greatly appreciate the list.

Robert Callaway
San Antonio, TX
Welcome aboard Robert! Guarantee you you won't be sorry, the results will be well worth the time and money invested. (although you may soon be well surprised by how much you may start spending, but that's another post.) The Merkur HD is indeed a fantastic starter razor, well worth the investment. As with many other posts you'll see here, very rarely will you get something that you will be stuck with; many other members will offer to take it off your hands for a reasonable price.

Lot's of good posts on techniques. You may want to look at this link from our resident docent, Ron.

"4-pass Method by Guenron"
Hey Robert,

Welcome aboard. You and I are practically neighbors (I'm in San Marcos).

On the home page, there is a link to a "Wet Shaving FAQ". B&B has recently changed servers and this link is down right now, but keep checking on it. It is a very good resource.

Keep us updated on your progress.

***I just received word that the FAQ is up and running!
Welcome Robert...

You've found the right place! Be sure to ask a bunch of questions as there are a lot of gents on here who are more than happy to answer anything you might have come up..

Lots of nice, knowledgeable folks on here

Again, welcome :badger:
Welcome, good luck, and ask questions. When the inevitable urge to try out the various high-end shave creams strikes you, mosey on over the the Shaving Mall Forum and you'll likely find lots of goodies.
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